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The new album the Moped Loewen Jazz Rock Orchestra is reaching for the stars - Daniel wrote and arranged his music for 13 musicians. The monumetalism of his songs just got more epic with the extra 7 horns. These layered, complex arrangements are played by professional musicians who took the challenge and made this music sound special and took it to a higher level.


And there is a bonus factor: the soulfulness of the songs. All of the lyrics are prayers of a lost man, one could say psalms, poems about seeking help from God, or pictures about how faithless the humanity has became. The songs are like chapters in a novel. Chapters, which might not give you answers, but ask the questions.


The combination of the lyrics and the monumental arrangements will definitely take everyone on a journey, which will not leave anyone untouched.
You might get tied to your sofa or start dancing on your carpet and if you catch the band live, well... lucky you!

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we are based in Budapest, Hungary
contact the band:

Daniel Varga: 0036-30-460-5444